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This photo won a place in the Color division of the 1961 Kodak High School Photo Contest. I took it when on vacation in Florida the summer of 1960. Back then color with limited light needed a tripod and I usually carried one with me when we were on vacation.

Kodacrome original

In the winter of 1964-65 I got a chance to photograph Luis Armstrong when he came to Ball State University to perform.  I was waiting for Mr. Armstrong in the hall way as he came on stage. "Could I take a couple pictures please?" I asked.

"Just one." he said, and the man beside him echoed it.

"I need two," I told him.

"Well, make it snappy." he warned.

I took one without a smile, then I asked for a smile, this is the result. 

 In early March of 1964 I went to Ball State University to photograph Ronald Reagan.  I was working for the Union City Times-Gazette and the Winchester Journal-Harold. They were both published out of the same presses. Many of my pictures appeared in both of them at the same time. 

I took one of these exposures before he began to speak then the other just at the beginning on the same frame. 

After he was done speaking I asked to take another set, incase this didn't come out. He joked with me for a while, he wanted to talk politics. Finally he did agree to the second set. 

I sent him a copy and he sent a nice letter back and signed it "Roni".


I returned to Brooks Institute from 1967 to 1969. During that time whenever I could I would use the class assignments to add to my portfolio of theatrical pictures.  For instance when we were given an "action" assignment. I recruited a local ballet dancer to do some jumps for me in the local outdoor theater.

I am still looking for any chance to add to my collection of theatre photographs.   


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