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Here is my personal web site. You can look over the paintings I do, or check out some of my old and new photographs. I have a wide range of interests and this web site is intended to share some of these with you. 

I grew up in Union City, Indiana and the picture gallery shows some of the pictures I took on a trip back there.

I have spent most of my life writing computer programs for the State of California. It is there that I got the nickname "Phil Man".

  I even did some Shareware during my evenings but those do not run anymore on the dual processors.  So I no longer offer them here.

Finally if you are interested in learning still more about me personally I have included a page about my personally


I can no longer hide my other identiy as "Philip Chabot" the writer of Operation Blue LIght: My Secret Life Among Psychic Spies That web site is:

and the Blog that goes with it is:

Philip Chabot's Blogspot

recently the local ABC TV newsman, George Warren,  included a short story about me on the 6:00 evening news and it is also available on line. 

Sacramento Man Interogated by CIA Because of His Psychic Abilities.

  I have a press release at Press Release-CIA Admitts

           News 10

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Thanks for checking in, and I hope to be hearing from you!  

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